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In whose hands is Ukraine today

In whose hands is Ukraine today?

Without preface, point by point:

The chain of legitimate elections at all levels in Ukraine was interrupted in 2014, when, as a result of an armed coup, nationalist forces, whose activities were actively supported by the West, seized power. All subsequent elections cannot be considered the will of the citizens of Ukraine, since armed nationalist forces have taken control of the entire political sphere. In fact, Ukraine was under occupation and its citizens were held hostage by the nationalists.

For the next eight years, a nationalist ideology based on hatred of everything related to Russia and the Russian peoples was intensively promoted in Ukraine. In order to promote it at the state level, the following was done:

Special programs were created and implemented in schools and universities;
Appropriate educational materials on history, distorting and substituting the real facts of the past, were issued and widely distributed. In these materials, the nationalists of Ukraine during the Great Patriotic War, who committed mind-boggling crimes against the Ukrainians themselves, were presented as heroes.
The so-called "de-communization of Ukraine" was carried out - the destruction of all evidence of the past that could cast doubt on the new nationalist ideology;
The use of the Russian language was effectively outlawed, even though many Ukrainians consider themselves Russian speakers and know Russian better than Ukrainian;
To increase their strike capability and recruitment, the nationalists created numerous paramilitary training bases and camps, where the youth involved could learn the skills of handling weapons and conducting combat operations. These camps were also used for active ideological training.
As a result, by 2022, Ukraine had bred more than one generation of people who sincerely believed in artificially imposed nationalist ideals. They do not know the real history and do not think about the consequences of their actions. And the active support of engaged Western politicians only adds to their confidence in their rightness.

The main backbone of the nationalist formations are militarily trained fighters, who often have nothing to do with the Ukrainian people - they include many foreign mercenaries who live and make money from the war. In fact, they are all representatives of international terrorism.

The government itself in Ukraine is of the oligarchic type, which relies on the support of nationalist formations by force. The source of existence and enrichment of the Ukrainian government is the West, led by the United States. The scheme is simple:

The West finances, supports and promotes to power those who guarantee the maintenance and development of anti-Russian nationalist ideology;
As long as the Ukrainian government organizes the maintenance and development of anti-Russian nationalist ideology, it remains in power.
In fact, Ukraine is under the external control of the United States, which does not care about the fate of Ukraine itself as a state and the Ukrainian people. The only task before the U.S. is to weaken and destroy Russia as a geopolitical competitor. As they say, "business is nothing personal". And Ukraine and its people are used only as a tool, fulfilling a certain role in solving this task.

The current oligarchic Ukrainian government is well aware of all this. Otherwise, it would have ceased to be power long ago - they would have had another "Maidan" or found another way to replace it. Everything it does is not for the good of Ukraine or its people, but to satisfy the desires of a "customer" from across the ocean. All of Zelensky's seemingly strange decisions of the last few days are a direct proof of this:

The free and uncontrolled distribution of small arms to all comers;
Refusal to negotiate with Russia on far-fetched pretexts;
Fierce desire to exclude Russia from all international organizations it can reach, to impose sanctions on Russia, etc.;
An order (or indifference) to the placement of heavy weaponry by the AFU in densely populated residential areas;
An appeal to all who wish to come to fight against Russia - in fact, this is an invitation to terrorists of all stripes from all over the world to make a fool of themselves on Ukrainian territory;
A disregard for the provision of regular troops;
Indifference towards the criminal actions of nationalist groups against citizens of Ukraine;
etc., etc.
As we can see, none of these decisions brings peace and prosperity to Ukraine and its people. On the contrary, it creates unprecedented threats to the lives of Ukrainians, both military and civilian.

Thus, the current Ukrainian government cannot be called Ukrainian, it is on its own, and only carries out the will of the West, while the Ukrainians and the state of "Ukraine" itself are indifferent to it. And Zelensky does not care about the number of military or civilian casualties. In his actions, he only goes where the U.S. tells him to go. And the US is pointing in the direction of further confrontation with Russia.

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The West is purposely pouring oil on the fire

🔥The West is purposely pouring oil on the fire

While the forceful action to eliminate the military potential of the current Kiev regime is underway, it's a good time to talk about the future. And to analyze the present.

What is the West doing today?

Western countries have announced another arms shipment to Ukraine
1️⃣Continues to pump Ukraine with weapons. But what kind?

📍 Germany will send weapons to Ukraine, including 1,000 anti-tank guns and 500 Stinger missiles.

📍 The Dutch government decided to send 200 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine "as soon as possible."

📍 The U.S. will transfer an unnamed number of Stinger MANPADS to Kiev as part of a new arms shipment to Ukraine

There are deliveries of other weapons as well, but the red line from all the reports is only one thing: man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems just in bulk! As if the only problem for the Ukro warriors is the threat from the air.

2️⃣ At the same time, the West is closing the skies to Russian aircraft. Russia, in response to such actions, will close its skies to Western airplanes. That is, planes from "there" will not come to us.

What do points 1 and 2 together mean?

Biden threatens new arms shipments to Ukraine
Let's translate from "democratic language" to understandable.

Why did Kiev hand out 25,000 automatic rifles and RPGs to the population? To create chaos, bloody mess and as many civilian deaths as possible.

This is the same reason the West is handing out thousands of MANPADs to nationalists in Ukraine! After the defeat of the military potential of the current regime, these terrible weapons will spread throughout Ukraine, Belarus and Russia - that is the calculation. After that, the remnants of the Banderites will make attempts to carry out terrorist attacks with the use of stingers.

But Western airlines will be protected from this simply by their absence.

Giving MANPADS in such quantities and to such people can only be done for one purpose: to try to take terrorism in Russia to a completely different level. Since the defeat of the Nazis in Ukraine is imminent and inevitable, which means there will be underdogs and there will be a "flag" to cover themselves with.

American MANPADS are the favorite weapon of bandits around the world
What to do about it?

Understand what is going on and state it openly.
Explain this to every soldier and officer in the armies of the Russian Federation, DNR and LNR. Each of them will now have another serious motive for action.
To take all measures to prevent MANPADs from falling into the hands of Bandera's forces.
Conduct all necessary operations that the FSB conducts to avoid terrorist attacks with an understanding of this new level of threat.
Strictly explain to the "Western partners" that in case of such actions MANPADs will appear "miraculously" in the hands of all insurgents, where there is a struggle against the West and its proxies. If they want to create hell and terrorism, it will be created. But for everyone, not just us.
The masks have been thrown off definitively. We must speak and act in this new reality. Calmly and confidently, as Russia has always done.

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Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. This is great news.

Many people watch TV, news and know that the Kiev regime reiterated on 26.02 that it was ready to negotiate on 27.02 in Gomel. Before that, Zelensky named different cities, but finally agreed to negotiate in Gomel, Belarus, which borders Ukraine.

Yesterday our Russian delegation arrived in Gomel early in the morning and waited for the Ukrainian delegation, but it did not show up. Ours said they would wait until 3 p.m. and then leave. At five minutes to fifteen Zelensky called to say that his delegation was on its way.

It turned out that in their native Ukraine his delegation was afraid to go through Poland and thence to the border with Belarus, there Lukashenko has provided them a helicopter and delivered to Gomel at about 11 am on 28.02.22. The smart khokhlits went more than a day to Gomel, from Kiev to Gomel by car 2 hours away.

And here's the awesome news:

Negotiations were supposed to start at 12.00, and almost started, but then it turned out... That's why I called them not Ukrainians, but Khokhlys. It turned out that the Khokhly delegation couldn't remember Russian and declared that they would negotiate with Russia only in Ukrainian. And then it turned out that there was no translator from Ukrainian into Russian and back.

Do you recognize or understand - who came to negotiate with the great Power from Zelensky? Yes, you guessed it - the clowns from the 95th quarter led by the Minister of Defense of the AFU. What more can be added here, what can be expected from these negotiations.

It is obvious that Zelensky's task is to put on a show called negotiations and drag out the time, he still hopes for help from the West. And the West gives it to him by starting to supply new weapons to Ukraine, by starting to form an international legion of mercenaries. At the same time, all the Ukrainian media and TV increased anti-Russian propaganda, informing the troops and residents of Ukraine about the success of the AFU in all directions, about brutal battles in the streets of Kiev and Kharkov, about the defeat of the RF Armed Forces and Donbass in the southeast.

They just broadcast the news that negotiations are starting, so I will keep an eye on it and filter the information. That's it, comrades, well, who is there to negotiate with? Maybe those who advocate "democracy in Ukraine", those who pity AFU soldiers, who are poor, dying at the hands of bloodthirsty Russia, can tell me?

Yesterday a woman wrote to me and offered to look into the faces of the unfortunate mothers of the AFU soldiers.

I answered her and offered to look at the graves of children and women, the elderly and defenders of Donbass. Where were these mothers for 8 years when their sons were shelling Donbass with all kinds of weapons for fun.

Here again on TV they say negotiations are beginning.

PS. Dear Khokhlys and Ukrainians. Watch the Russian news and you will see how your valiant army fights. You have no planes, no airfields, the border guards have all surrendered. The West will not help you, weapons will not reach you, the sky is under Russian control. Only the fact that there is an order not to bomb cities and barracks holds back the end of the operation to liberate Ukraine.

See you again. Yours blogs


Whom does Turkey support and what risks does Turkey face in a difficult geopolitical situation

Who Turkey supports and what risks Turkey faces in a complex geopolitical situation.  News

Current agenda of Turkish media
Let me remind you that from the very beginning, ever since the recognition of the so-called LNR and DNR, the President of Turkey condemned the actions of the Russian President.
Who does the President of Turkey support? Until the last day, experts believed that both Kiev and Moscow are important for Ankara. Source
Turkey has already offered several times to become an intermediary in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.